Liberty Kids’ donation to help outfit fire brigade on Liberty and Ellis islands

3 Jan

The Liberty Kids, 11 National Home residents who traveled to New York City last fall to help celebrate the Statue of Liberty’ 125th birthday with the Ladies Auxiliary, have helped make Liberty and Ellis islands safer places, thanks to the money they raised to present as a birthday gift to the statue.

David Luchsinger, Statue of Liberty National Monument Superintendent, thanked the young donors in a letter stating, “On behalf of the National Park Service, I was proud – and, quite frankly overwhelmed – to accept the recent donation of $1660.72 from the children at the VFW National Home for Children at the annual Lady Liberty birthday celebration.”

He went on to say the young people’s donation would be combined with the Ladies Auxiliary donation to purchase fire helmets for the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island’s newly formed Fire Brigade, helping the brigade be better prepared to protect the structures on both Liberty and Ellis islands in the event of a fire.


One Response to “Liberty Kids’ donation to help outfit fire brigade on Liberty and Ellis islands”

  1. Suzanne Greenawalt O'Brie. January 3, 2012 at 1:28 pm #

    That,s awesome! Way to go kids! Proud of them.

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